What is One.Portal?

dentsu's corporate portal "One.portal" is the main communication channel between dentsu people and the company. For employees, it’s also a single access point to all company’s services. Here you can book a meeting room, order some office supplies, leave a request for IT help and even book a workplace and much more.

The Backstory

The portal was designed in 2020 and all the designs for the services were made back then too and were not updated since. When I came on board in 2021 I was given an opportunity to improve and rediscover some of the services and other entities on the portal to keep it fresh and current.

The profile page before the redesign


And after


Now let’s dive deeper!

After getting acquainted and familiar with our design system I started thinking about improving the employee profile page. I felt like the existing UI was lacking interactivity and was overall a little too "geometrically structured" and monotonous to the eye.

Because our development team was very busy working on a complex and long-term project I was advised to start with concepts that might then be implemented in code in the next couple of months.

<aside> 🤔 **I felt that if I propose something drastic as many newcomer designers are rushing to do then I wouldn't be able to see it live due to the developers' busy schedules.

So I decided to go in the opposite direction and propose a "humble" redesign that was an easy fix and that could be implemented in 1-2 days in code. Which was just the first part of a bigger idea:)

That sounded good to my project manager and we decided to proceed with the redesign.**


The main problem:

Nobody wants to fill their profile

People are just too busy and do not see any value in doing so. You can make suggestions and create funny descriptions as placeholders but if the person doesn't see the social value in that they will just write down their mobile number and be done with it.


<aside> ☝🏻 So the main challenge was to create a social value that would motivate employees to fill their profiles so others would be able to interact with them and the profile would eventually become your LinkedIn page inside dentsu's universe.